Visitor Rules

Rules of internal order and requirements for the preservation of the Yusupov Palace a monument of architecture of history and culture

The Saint Petersburg Yusupov Palace is a historical-cultural and architectural monument of federal significance. These rules have been compiled on the basis of the requirements for the preservation of cultural heritage objects of federal significance and historical and architectural objects that are registered with the Saint Petersburg Committee for the State Inspection and Protection of Historic and Cultural Monuments and the State Fire Inspection’s requirements.

In the palace rooms it is FORBIDDEN to:

  • walk throughout the Palace’s rooms without an accompanying guide or a Palace employee, with the exception of visitors using audio-guides;
  • touch or pick up exhibits, paintings, sculptures, elements of decor and artistic furnishings, gilding, stucco mouldings and picturesque decor;
  • lean one’s elbows on and / or recline against walls, doors, window sills, balustrades and etc.;
  • wear outdoor clothes and street shoes in the museum’s rooms (you must either bring a second pair of shoes without stiletto heels and metal cleats to change into or wear museum slippers);
  • walk around the palace with bulky bags, briefcases, backpacks, etc. and carry umbrellas;
  • make videos or professional photography without special permission (equipment may be kept in the cloakroom);
  • smoke in the Palace’s museum rooms and service rooms.

We inform you that due to the architectural characteristics of the narrow corridor, it is not possible to grant visitors in wheelchairs, visitors with baby carriages, as well as visitors with other large-sized means of transportation access to the Murder of Rasputin exhibit. For similar reasons, these categories of visitors will have difficulty accessing the Home Theatre’s parterre, in which case they are offered seats in the balcony when attending events held in the Home Theatre.

In the event of damages to any of the Palace’s objects, the administration of the Cultural Institution has the right to impose a fine in the amount of twenty-five thousand (25,000) rubles on the person who caused the damage. In addition to the fine, the person who caused the damage is obliged to compensate for the estimated cost of repair work to fix the damage that was caused.

Entrance with suitcases and travel bags is prohibited.

Please follow the Visitor Rules when touring the Yusupov Palace:

Please follow the route marked on the plan and observe recommendations of Palace attendants.
Please mute the sound of your cell phones and do not use them when on the premises of the Palace.

It is prohibited for individual visitors with audio guides to join organized tour groups.

Interior safety and security of exhibits::

Please leave outdoor clothing, umbrellas, bulky bags and backpacks in the cloakroom or locker room.

It is prohibited to go beyond the barriers marking areas closed to visitors, lean against walls, columns and balustrades, touch the exhibits and elements of decoration and bring pets, drinks or food to the Palace.

Please note that the Palace is a smoke-free place.

Photo and video:

It is allowed to record amateur video and take photos (at no charge for individual visitors). The use of tripods and other professional devices is prohibited.

It is prohibited to use professional equipment or selfi sticks.