Support the palace

Dear friends of the Yusupov Palace!

In March 2020, in accordance with a government decree, the Yusupov Palace closed its doors because of the epidemiological situation in Saint Petersburg. For more than two months, the magnificent halls of the museum have been silently waiting for visitors. And even in this difficult time, the work of strategically important services does not stop, without which it would be impossible to preserve the interiors and work of the Palace in the future. Over the centuries-old history of its existence, the Yusupov Palace has repeatedly faced difficulties and obstacles on the way. There was a revolution, and nationalization, and the Great Patriotic War, after which the beloved house of the Yusupovs miraculously retained its artistic appearance. Today, in peacetime, the Palace is faced with a new misfortune, an invisible enemy in the face of a pandemic that paralyzed the cultural life of our country for many months. Despite numerous measures taken by the state to support small and medium-sized businesses, the Yusupov Palace, unfortunately, was left without funding due to the non-profit status of the organization. Throughout its existence, the institution has been self-financing and today, due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection and the inability to carry out its usual activities, it is completely devoid of income. We found ourselves in a very difficult situation, which is getting worse every day. The Yusupov Palace is one of the most visited and beloved museums in St. Petersburg. In many ways, this merit belongs to the employees of the Palace, who tirelessly care about the preservation and prosperity of the Yusupov house. Separately, I would like to note that over the past decades, thanks to the work of a dedicated team, the Cultural Institution has made a significant contribution to the maintenance and restoration of state property. Now our future and the future of the Yusupov Palace is impossible without friendly support, so we need your help more than ever before. By making donations to the statutory activities of the Yusupov Palace, you will allow the museum staff to maintain jobs, normalize the museum's activities and continue the necessary work at this difficult time for all of us. We are ready to discuss any possibility of your participation in the restoration and maintenance of the Yusupov Palace. We will be grateful and grateful for the offers of support from your side. If you have any questions regarding the targeted use of the charitable funds received by us, we will definitely answer them. Please send your request to and we will contact you as soon as possible. We believe that together we can overcome these difficult trials and return to a full-fledged cultural life. We hope to see you soon at the Yusupov Palace on the Moika! Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Yours faithfully,

Director of the Yusupov Palace

N. V. Kukuruzova