The Yusupov Palace at 94 Moika River Embankment offers thematic tours and tours around the Palace:
Guided tours are available for individual visitors and organized groups.

Individual visitors:

Purchase tickets at the Yusupov Palace ticket offices on the day of your visit.
To buy tickets in advance, go to the "Buy Tickets" page of our official website.
Please be advised that the number of tickets and tours is limited.

Organized groups and travel agencies:
To order a group or individual tour, please:

  1. Fax a preliminary application to (812) 314-3239 (please submit applications before the 20th of the current month to book tours for the following month).
  2. To confirm a booked tour, please call (812) 314-8893 after the 25th of each month.
  3. Pay in full for all confirmed tours at least 10 days before the tour date.
  4. If the excursion is paid by cashless transfers, you have to get the excursion voucher not less then 5 days in advance (letter of attorney is necessary).

Warning! Admission of a preliminary application by fax is not a confirmation of the tour. Please, call us!