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Price: 1500 рублей. Продолжительность 1 час 30 минут

Lecture November 30, 18:00

Evening event at the Palace

Lifestyle. "Noble feast: in Moscow - tea, in St. Petersburg - coffee".

Anna Akhmatova called the top three preferences “tea, dog, Pasternak” Moscow, and “coffee, cat, Mandelstam” - St. Petersburg. Indeed, Moscow tea drinking was rich in food and sweets, and morning coffee became a habit in St. Petersburg. A tradition from the time of Peter I, who became addicted to coffee during his stay in Holland. And although at first the boyars dubbed the overseas drink “syrup of soot,” the tsar urged them “not to make false accusations about worthy food”... The next evening event in the Yusupov Palace is dedicated to a noble feast with tea and coffee. Lecturer Mikhailova Elena.

In the program: a lecture in the Chekhonin Hall, a truffle, a tour of the ceremonial halls.

Event language: Russian