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Restoration work in 2018

Dear visitors

Under the program of the Committee for the State Inspection and Protection of Historic and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP), in May 2018 the Yusupov Palace started new restoration projects. Four more interiors at Prince’s quarters will be restored this year: Caryatic hall, Billiard room, Dressing room, Secretary room. In addition, the long-awaited restoration will be carried out in the Main Vestibule of the Palace. The preservation work in 2018 will also include the territory of the Yusupov mansion. Also, the restoration of the facades of the two wings facing the Decembrists Street starts in May. A complex of restoration works on the adaptation of monuments has already been carried out inside the wings: they will have a new entrance area for visitors of the Yusupov Palace. The scheduled end of the work in accordance with the State contracts is December 2018. We apologize for any inconvenience!