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Вход для посетителей с ул. Декабристов, 21.
Билеты на экскурсии временно продаются только онлайн. Приносим извинения за временные неудобства.

Спектакль «Княгиня Чардаша» 13.11.2020 отменён. Билеты подлежат возврату в кассу дворца.

On July 17, the Yusupov Palace opens its doors for you again

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Dear visitors of the Yusupov Palace!

Dear friends, on July 17, the Yusupov Palace has opened its doors to you again! We are very glad that in the near future we will be able to see such long-awaited guests within the walls of the house on the Moika. In order for this to happen, together with the Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, a number of measures have been developed that will allow you to safely and comfortably visit the Yusupov Palace. Your health is our top priority!

We ask you to familiarize yourself with the new visiting rules and observe them during your visit to the Yusupov Palace. Unfortunately, violation of any of these rules may result in refusal to inspect the Palace.

On the territory of the Yusupov Palace, be sure to use personal protective equipment (masks / respirators and gloves), observe a social distance of 1.5-2 meters, strictly follow the excursion route. The time of stay in the palace is limited depending on the excursion.

In the Yusupov Palace, regular complete sanitization of all rooms is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.

Hand sanitizers are located on the territory of the Yusupov Palace. Please use them before and after visiting the palace.

In accordance with the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor, we recommend that visitors over 65 years old refrain from visiting the Yusupov Palace until the restrictions are completely lifted.

If you are not feeling well, please postpone your visit to the Yusupov Palace, we will be glad to see you after your recovery. If you have already purchased an e-ticket and decided to stay at home due to poor health, please contact us (+7 (921) 970 30 38) and we will definitely help you.

Working hours

Yusupov Palace and Garden are open:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00

Last session starts at 19:00

Ticket selling

1. Entrance to the Yusupov Palace is carried out only with electronic tickets. Tickets can be purchased online at the Palace's website. Tickets are sold by session: for a specific time and date.

2. The entrance of visitors with tickets to the Main Courtyard is carried out strictly 15 minutes before the start of the session indicated on the ticket. Ticket sales end 20 minutes before the start of the excursion.

3. Visitors who are late for the session indicated on the ticket are not allowed to visit. Tickets are non-refundable. Please pay attention!

Visit to the Yusupov Palace for individual visitors

In the Yusupov Palace, only an independent examination of the exhibitions is temporarily available:

1. "The ceremonial halls and prince's living rooms"

- with a mobile application on the Android or IOS platform

- with an audio guide - if it is not possible to download the application, you can rent an audio guide at the ticket office of the palace on the street. Decembrists 21


1.1. The one-time stay of visitors in the interiors of the palace is limited due to security requirements. The number of visitors per session is no more than 7 people. Duration of the tour is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

2. Exposition "The Murder of G. Rasputin" and Living Quarters of Felix and Irina Yusupov

Independent examination of the historical interiors of the living quarters of Prince Felix and Irina Yusupov, with a unique Silver Boudoir, as well as a wax exposition in the Prince's garconniere, where the events of one of the most mysterious crimes of the early twentieth century took place. Watching the film "Memory of the Place", which tells you about the circumstances and participants of these events.


2.1. The one-time stay of visitors in the interiors of the palace is limited due to security requirements. The number of visitors per session is no more than 7 people. Duration of sightseeing: 1 hour.

Visit of the Yusupov Palace with a guide for groups of up to 5 people (for individuals)

Routes are available for visiting with a guide:

1) " The ceremonial halls and the exposition" The Murder of G. Rasputin "" - duration 1 hour 30 minutes

2) " The ceremonial halls, living quarters of the prince, living quarters of young princes." Exposition "The Murder of G. Rasputin." - duration 2 hours 15 minutes


This guided excursion service is possible only with preliminary order and payment. The order must be made and paid at least 2 days before the selected date of the excursion. The cost of the excursion is constant and does not depend on the number of people in the group.

Dear friends, we will make every effort to make your visit to the Yusupov Palace safe and comfortable for you!

If you have any questions, please write us per e-mail: info@yusupov-palace.ru, we will definitely answer you.

We are waiting for you at the Yusupov Palace!

Режим работы

Режим работы кассы:
Понедельник, Вторник, Среда, Пятница, Cуббота, Воскресенье
с 9:30 до 19:00
Юсуповский дворец и сад открыты:
Понедельник, Вторник, Среда, Пятница, Cуббота, Воскресенье
с 10:00 до 21:00

Последний сеанс в 19:00
Вход для посетителей осуществляется исключительно со стороны Декабристов 21. Подробнее о режиме работы


Вход для индивидуальных посетителей с ул. Декабристов, 21
Вход на спектакли с наб. реки Мойки, 94

Стоимость билетов

Парадные залы дворца и жилые покои князя (с мобильным приложением или аудиогидом)
Экспозиция «Убийство Г. Распутина» и приватная часть "половина молодых"(самостоятельный осмотр)

Вход посетителей с билетами в Парадный Двор осуществляется строго за 15 минут до начала сеанса, указанного в билете.

Продажа билетов заканчивается за 20 минут до начала экскурсии / мероприятия.

Подробнее о ценах на билеты