The Konyushenny Wing is a new versatile facility where elements of the "loft" style were successfully blended into the 19th century historic interiors. The Wing is part of the former Yusupov estate.
Held on May 6, 2015, the Konyushenny Wing pre-opening ceremony was timed to the charity Festival "Recaptured Beauty" organized to commemorate the victory in WWII.
The Konyushenny Wing can make an impeccable venue for exhibitions and lectures, workshops and conferences, thematic film programs and experimental theater productions.

We have already accommodated the following events: Watercolor Seasons in St. Petersburg exhibition, International Watercolor Biennale, Vladimir Vasiliev: Dance and Destiny exhibition, An Interrupted Legacy photo project and a series of Saving the Kolobok children's holographic Christmas shows.
Organization of special events is an important part of the Konyushenny Wing operation. This modern 2 level facility is suitable for organization of both small-scale events and complex music and light shows intended to gather a crowd.