The male living quarters of the house on the Moika, or the prince's chambers, are nine exquisite interiors that were decorated in the second half of the 19th century for Prince Nikolai Borisovich Yusupov Jr.

Historicism prevailed in the architecture of that time. It freely, at the behest of the artist, customer and fashion, combined motives and elements borrowed from different eras. The talented architect Ippolit Monighetti brilliantly coped with the difficult task of creating a panorama of architectural styles. He created living rooms in the taste of the Italian and French Renaissance and rooms filled with the exoticism of the East. The subtle artistic flair and huge financial capabilities of the owners of the palace played a significant role in the design of the interiors. The Yusupov princes traveled a lot in Europe and bought not just beautiful, but collectibles, stylish furnishings and decor details that gave the palace chambers a special sophistication.

A musical living room with the most delicate stucco molding and warm reflections of gilding, a living room of Henry II with an amazing pear tree decoration, a Turkish study, the design of which was inspired by the images of the sofa rooms of the Ottoman Empire, and, finally, one of the most famous and unsurpassed interiors of the Yusupov Palace - the Mauritanian Palace living room.

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