Private rooms of Princess Yusupova - it is a complex of artistically designed interiors (architect Monighetti, 1860s, architect Stepanov, 1890s), located on the second floor of the palace. These include a spacious, light Cabinet (Small Living Room) with white and gold stucco decoration of richly decorated walls and ceilings, an exquisite Dressing Room (Porcelain), the whole decor of which looks like the finest molded porcelain ornament, a small bathroom with unique colored tiles and a colorful Persian with golden oriental patterns on the wall panels.

Decorated in the style of the second rococo, these interiors have retained the warmth and charm of their beautiful hostess. The last owner of the Yusupov Palace, Prince Felix, called mother's chambers the real “female heart of the house”; here her sweet laugh sounded, so enchanted by the renowned Russian artist V.A. Serov. The talented brush of the master captured Princess Zinaida Nikolaevna, sitting on the sofa of the Small Living Room, in the famous portrait.

Both the decoration of the rooms and their filling - furniture, porcelain, mirrors - all this in the post-revolutionary period was carefully preserved as a precious evidence of the high culture of the past. The excursion program “Around the prince’s living quarters” offers everything you want to know about the exquisite boudoirs.