The magical world of the theater ... How many times have these words been pronounced! Sitting in the auditorium, delighted and fascinated by what is happening on the stage, we do not always think about the structure of this world. But its borders stretch far behind the scenes ...

The home theater of the Yusupov Palace is no exception. The backstage premises, hidden from the eyes of visitors, are twice as large as the famous auditorium. They are located on four levels, from the first to the last floor, their total height is about 30 meters. A wrought-iron spiral staircase that permeates the entire vertical of the stage space allows one to descend into the hold or climb the grate. And there, under the very ceiling, ancient decorations are kept and the door to the apartment of the theater attendant is located - he lived right there, in an outbuilding adjacent to the main building.

The architect of the last reconstruction of the theater, Alexander Stepanov, brilliantly realized his engineering talent - the technical equipment of the working premises corresponded to all the advanced technologies of the turn of the XIX - XX centuries. Many stage mechanisms have survived to this day and are used during performances.

Excursion program Opening the curtain ... invites you to visit the reserved space of the theater: go through a narrow service corridor, look into the usually closed lodges and dressing rooms, see the work of stage mechanisms, and look into a huge century-old mirror - the last frontier before the actors enter the stage, find yourself on that side of the ramp, in the mysterious world of "theatrical backstage".