On February 9, 1914, a high-profile event took place in St. Petersburg: the marriage of a brilliant aristocratic couple - Prince Felix Yusupov Jr., a descendant of an ancient, noble family and princess of imperial blood, Irina Alexandrovna, niece of Tsar Nicholas II.

In the Yusupov Palace, a living quarters were created for young spouses, which became one of the best examples of interior decoration in the style of neoclassicism, fashionable in the artistic culture of the early 20th century. The apartments of the "half of the young" are a synthesis of the new trends of the "Silver Age", the creative fantasies of the eminent customer and the bold decisions of the talented masters - the architect Andrey Beloborodov, the artists Sergei Chekhonin, Vladimir Konashevich and Nikolai Tyrsa.

Everything here is refined and original: a cozy living room of the princess with an alcove lined with silver leaf, a bedroom with an elegant ceiling painting in the form of flower garlands, as if descended from pages with book illustrations of that era, a large living room decorated with finely worked stucco medallions and openwork, like lace paintings ...

A private toilet and a bathroom equipped with the latest technology, a drawing studio or the so-called "Aladdin's Cave", a secret room for storing jewelry, are extraordinary. And the small interior, combining a compact marble pool and a private room with it, testifies to the refinement and extravagance of the tastes of the owner, Prince Felix Yusupov.

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