Almost all artistic styles are represented in the decoration and architecture of the Yusupov Palace, which were popular in the design of palace interiors of the 19th century. Enfilade ceremonial halls and living rooms, created in the 30s of the last century by the famous Petersburg architect Andrei Mikhailov, designed in the style of a solemn Empire style.

Here gilding shines, flawlessly smooth marble shines, bloom in bright tones picturesque plafonds and inlaid parquet floors, and exquisite porcelain, openwork bronze, woven with gold silk, radiant crystal reflected in deep in Venetian mirrors. Living rooms and spacious halls, filled with monumental grandeur, were intended for ceremonial receptions, rich balls and high society receptions, for whom the Yusupov aristocrats were famous. Touch the memories of the brilliant social life of the princely house with the excursion programs:

Ceremonial Yusupov Palace

Opening the curtain

Guided tour with musical miniature

State halls of the Palace and exposition "The assassination of G. Rasputin"

The Yusupovs: ceremonial and private life of the Palace (temporarily unavailable)

State halls of the Palace and living quarters of the prince (with audio guide)