“… There were a lot of quirks in these apartments, called“ garconniere ”, intended for possible visits of the prince during periods when the princess was absent and the ceremonial apartments were closed. There was a whole labyrinth of small rooms with a spiral staircase descending into the underground, which was supposed to serve as the Dining Room "- this is how the architect Andrei Beloborodov recalled the interiors of the living quarters of the young Felix Yusupov in the princely family palace.

It happened here, on a December night in 1916, a conspiracy was carried out to murder the "Siberian elder" Grigory Rasputin. The imperial family considered him their "friend", a healer, a "man of God", and many contemporaries considered him a villain, guilty of all the troubles of Russia. The circumstances of the death of this extraordinary person remain unclear to this day. Questioning the veracity of the stories of Prince Yusupov - the owner of the house where the tragic events took place - historians, researchers and forensic experts have been arguing about that fateful night for a century. All the more attractive is the place where one of the most mysterious crimes of the early twentieth century took place.

We invite you to plunge into the past, to feel the "breath of history" within the walls where it took place ... Today, in the recreated setting of the original interiors of the princely "garconniere", an exposition with wax figures of malefactors and their victims is deployed, photographs and documents are presented that shed light on the personality of the legendary Grigory Rasputin and his reliable biography, as well as materials telling about the investigation of a high-profile murder, about its consequences and versions.

The exposition is included in the route of excursion programs:

State halls of the Palace and exposition "The assassination of G. Rasputin" Exposition

"The Murder of G. Rasputin" and Half of the Young "

"The last owners of the palace" (temporarily unavailable during the pandemic)

"House on Moika" (temporarily unavailable during the pandemic)

"The Yusupovs: ceremonial and private life of the Palace" (temporarily unavailable during a pandemic)

Age limit 16+