Guided tour with a musical miniature

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Price: 900 rub.

A tour of the most significant and preserved interiors of the Palace - the ceremonial halls, exquisite and cozy princely living quarters of the 19th century, as well as a story about musical traditions, the richest Yusupov collection of instruments and, finally, a unique opportunity to hear the enchanting sounds of a genuine mechanical organ of the first half of the 19th century. to reproduce musical melodies without human intervention began in the 17th century.

The system of playing musical pieces by mechanism was first used in tower clocks, then organs, music boxes, organchiks and phonols. The development of engineering thought made it possible to use more and more complex constructive solutions. Mechanical organ - one of the most perfect instruments that have come down to our time is based in the Music room of the Yusupov Palace. Intricate music machine appeared in the princely house back in the 40s of the XIX century. The completeness of the instrument has been preserved - all 9 shafts on which the works popular at that time are recorded composers D. Rossini, D. Aubert, G. Spontini and others. Time did not spare the musical curiosity - in the 1960s it was concluded that the state of the organ implies only its use on the details. Despite this, the talented specialist E.N. Neklepaev began to restore this unique instrument and was able to breathe new life into it. Now the music of the mechanical organ sounds again within the walls of the aristocratic mansion.

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.