The domestic theater of the Yusupov Palace completes the enfilade of halls of the former princely picture gallery. The miniature theatrical interior, similar in its beauty and filigree finish to a precious piece of jewelry, is decorated in imitation of the Rococo style.

The atmosphere of an exquisite holiday in the spirit of the "gallant 18th century" is created by the architectural and decorative furnishings of the auditorium: whimsical, stucco ornaments of a rocaille form, flowing smooth lines of graceful finishing elements, an abundance of gilding, bright colors of painting the plafond and painting on the barriers of the tiers and in the side lodges. And over all this splendor reigns a large central lodge, crowned with a princely crown and the monogram of Zinaida Nikolaevna Yusupova. The home "Temple of Melpomene", which existed here since the 1830s, was rebuilt by the architect Alexander Stepanov for this beautiful princess at the end of the 19th century.

Since then, the theater of the Yusupov Palace has been distinguished not only by luxury and grace, but also by a special magical charm that is remembered for many years.

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