Linen pantry (Ironing room), located on the third floor of the Yusupov Palace, stores a real imprint of forgotten times: there has never been a renovation here in the last hundred years, the special equipment remained in its original places.

Now the premises have been recreated in the historical type: solid, stable ironing table with deep drawers, and, along the perimeter, owner's wardrobes for hanging and stowing all ironed and refurbished items - numbered, with original structures for hanging linen and dresses inside. Here are household items of the late 19th - first half of the 20th centuries, which recreate the atmosphere of life in an aristocratic house: coat hangers with old stamps, irons of various designs. There are rarities: old travel chest of Prince Felix Yusupov, a tablecloth from the Yusupov Palace in Koreiz.

Visit a unique household interior, which has been preserved almost in its original form, is possible only on excursions "Through the princely living quarters", as well as in the author's program "Haute cuisine from below".