Evening at the Yusupov Palace

(Display “Assassination of Grigori Rasputin”)
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Over a century has passed since the night of December 1916, when Grigori Rasputin was murdered in Private Rooms of Prince Felix in Yusupov Palace on the Moika River.

We invite you to immerse into the atmosphere of this mysterious and tragic event of the Russian history of the early 20th century and take part in a special programme “Evening at the Yusupov Palace...”.

During this unguided tour you will visit “garçonnière” rooms of the Palace, where the assassination took place, see photographs and documents that help to answer some questions about the personality of the Siberian “elder” Grigori Rasputin.

The tour starts from the Small Dancing Hall, where you will see a film “Memory of the Place”, telling the story about participants and circumstances of the event. You will pass through the Small Lobby and extraordinary Mirror Octahedron—like the conspirators during that tragic night—and proceed into Prince Felix’s Office. Having descended the perfectly preserved wooden stairs, you will see the Basement Dining Room, the venue of the drama unfolding against the backdrop of the “gloomy Middle Ages”. Further, in the adjacent premises, which used to be the Waiter’s Room, you will get acquainted with materials on the murder investigation, including the consequences and theories of the crime. Finally, you will watch the excerpts from an interview with Felix Yusupov, shot for the movie “I Killed Rasputin”, and a fragment of the BBC TV film about the “British footprint” of those terrible days...

The final line in this crime is yet to draw. This mystery boosts attractiveness of a place associated with it...

The programme includes only the unguided visit of the display “Assassination of Grigori Rasputin”.

The demonstration of the film “Memory of the place” in the Small Dancing Hall is available non-stop at 17.00 – 18.00. Duration: 20 minutes.

Demonstration of the interview with Prince Yusupov and an extract of the film is available non-stop at 17.20 – 18.30. Duration: 9 minutes.

Printed description of the display with a chronology of events and a route is available in eight languages.

Schedule: Friday – Monday, 17.00 – 18.30.

Visitors are admitted from 17.00 till 18.00. Ticket Offices are open till 18.00.

Welcome to the “Evening at the Yusupov Palace...”.

Стоимость экскурсии

Adults: 350 rubles
Children up to 18*: 250 rubles

Стоимость билетов указана для налоговых резидентов Российской Федерации (за исключением самостоятельного осмотра).

Количество билетов на экскурсию ограничено.

Льготное посещение

Ежедневно право БЕСПЛАТНОГО посещения экскурсии «Парадный Юсуповский» по льготному билету имеют (при наличии свободных мест в группе):

  • Участники и инвалиды ВОВ
  • Награжденные медалью «За оборону Ленинграда»
  • Жители блокадного Ленинграда
  • Воины-интернационалисты
  • Узники концлагерей
  • Герои Советского Союза
  • Герои Российской Федерации
  • Ветераны труда
  • Инвалиды 1 и 2 группы
  • Многодетные семьи
  • Сотрудники государственных музеев РФ
  • Дети дошкольного возраста
  • Дети-сироты

ЕЖЕДНЕВНО ПЕНСИОНЕРЫ имеют право ЛЬГОТНОГО посещения экскурсий «Парадный Юсуповский» (300 рублей) и «Дом на Мойке» (800 рублей).

Льготный билет можно получить в кассе Дворца при предъявлении документов, подтверждающих право на получение льгот.

* - Информация по льготам для детей до 18 лет и студентов дневных отделений представлена на информационных экранах в кассах Дворца.


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For individual visitors and small groups entrance access from 21 Dekabristov street
Entrance to Home Theater performances from Moika embankment, 94

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For individual visitors and small groups entrance access from 21 Dekabristov street

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