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"The magnificent house is shining", carriages approach the Yusupov Palace on the Moika. Glitter of jewels, exquisite toilets, excitement everywhere. The ceremonial halls are sparkling with candles, at last the sounds of a polonaise are heard and the ball begins in the Yusupov Palace.

Contemporaries kept vivid memories of the balls in the Yusupov Palace of the 19th century: the traditional order of the solemn ball was strictly observed: at it, guests first got into a magical garden full of exotic plants, then went straight to the stairs, upholstered in red cloth; where at every step stood a footman in richly and unusually decorated livery. The guests were shown variedly decorated living rooms, surprising with their elegance and splendor.

The long-awaited social event in the Yusupov Palace!

Date selected, invitations sent out!

What do we know about balls? Where can you feel the atmosphere of a real secular reception of the 19th century? Who remembers? There are people, they were born in the 20th century, but their passion for the past led them to the profession of art critic. The curator of the Yusupov Palace is a person with unique knowledge, and miraculously preserved archives are a storehouse of information. We will return to the last brilliant century to find out how the ballroom traditions evolved, where toilets were ordered, how they prepared for the official reception and what performances were arranged for the guests.

Immerse yourself in the world of the wonderful past this evening!

This evening in the halls of the palace you will find:

A fascinating conversation with a historian,

Compliment from the chef,

A full tour of the state halls and the wonder of palace architecture - the Yusupov Home Theater with a story about ancient traditions,

Musical surprise.

Event language: Russian