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Price: 1500 rub.

October 21, 18:00

"Oriental "curiosities" of Russian palaces. Beauty is in the details".

Evening event with a walk around the palace.

The secrets and charm of the East, its exoticism, have had an incredible attraction for centuries. Chinoiserie, Turkeri, Arabic and Moroccan style, Alhambra fantasies, several waves of Egyptomania… As a result, the palaces in Russia were filled with Chinese painted silks, screens and vases, Persian carpets, Turkish stools, outlandish balls carved from ivory ... This exotic mixture of various borrowings, full of bright colors and intricate gizmos, is dedicated to this evening event in the Yusupov Palace. Lecturer Mikhailova E.N.

In the program: a lecture in the Chekhonin Hall, a glass of sparkling wine + truffle, a surprise tour (Half of the Prince + exhibition of Yusupov and the East).

Event language: Russian