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How many female secrets and interesting topics of conversation, especially if they are from past centuries. We want to share them with you, dear ladies, in the program "Women's secrets of the past centuries over a cup of tea." Each time we will raise one of the exciting topics, tell, show historical materials and answer your questions.

As part of the "Women's Secrets ..." program, we are opening a new cycle of meetings "Kitchen Gatherings" in the cozy, homely atmosphere of the "Yusupov Kitchens" which are not mentioned in the living rooms, to see the casual interiors and, usually hidden from prying eyes, but no less mysterious and interesting side of the life of the Yusupov Palace.

Meeting topics:

"Where did the king walk on foot ..."

On the eve of the ball

Forgotten delicacies from the princely menu

The art of being the mistress of the palace

Income homes, holiday homes

"So that the child is not exhausted, I taught him everything in jest ..."

Rooms hidden from view

and many others

In the cycle "Kitchen gatherings" the next meeting will be held on September 30 at 18.00, the topic of the meeting: "Brothers Nikolai and Felix Yusupov."

It seemed to others that the brothers Nikolai and Felix were born with a "golden spoon in their mouth", fate is always favorable to them. The mother, the beautiful Zinaida Nikolaevna, did not look for the soul in children, the father, the gallant military man Felix Feliksovich, tried to bring up strictly, like a man. The life of the brothers turned out differently: the elder Nikolai was killed in a duel, the younger Felix himself was accused of murder ... Is it an unfortunate fate or the famous curse of the family? About education, training, love for children and family myths will be discussed at the lectures of Nabok V.V., art historian, curator of the collections of the Yusupov Palace.

We are waiting for you at the Yusupov Kitchens!

A cup of tea for free!

Event language: Russian