1. Photo shoot sessions
  2. On-site marriage registration
  3. Wedding receptions


For the newly wedded couples to have an everlasting memory of their most important day, we offer a unique opportunity — wedding photo shoot sessions on the premises of the Palace, the Konyushenny Wing and in the Garden. We have developed two routes.

Route 1 is accessible from 10:00 to 18:00 during the high season: April 30 to September 15 and December 30 to January 10, during public holidays (February 23, March 08) and school breaks.

The route begins in the Living quarters of Felix and Irina Yusupov. The first floor quarters, whose genuine 1914-1916 interiors are decorated in the Neoclassicism style, face east. The Newlyweds can be photographed in Princess Irina's Petite drawing room (Silver dressing room), her Bedroom and in Felix Yusupov's Grand sitting room. Then, the couple will be invited to proceed to the western part of the Palace, to the Prince's quarters that include the famous Moorish lounge. The walls of the Moorish lounge are covered with gilded ornaments and Arabic script. Beautifully carved window and door openings are finished with gold leaf. The floors feature exquisite multicolored marble tiles. After the shooting in the Eastern sitting room, the couple will exit the Palace into the State courtyard and the estate Garden.

The photo shoot session is completed in the contemporary Konyushenny Wing finished in the "loft" style. Here photographers can unlock their creativity and implement their most daring artistic ideas.

Route 2, developed for wedding photo shoot sessions, runs through the State rooms of the 2nd floor and is accessible from 10:00 to 18:00 from September 16 to December 29 and January 11 to April 29 and from 17:00 to 18:00 on all other days of the year.

The newlyweds will begin their photo adventure on the steps of the State staircase. The middle and upper landings of the staircase, made of Carrara marble, designed and built in the second half of the 19th century France, are ideal for group photographs.

Then, as the couple proceeds to the 2nd floor of the western part of the Palace, it will have a chance to be photographed in the dazzling Tapestry sitting room featuring the Louis XV style furniture, the Princess' Bedroom and the Grand Rotunda with marble colonnade. Having passed through the enfilade of State living rooms, the couple will enter the Ballroom decorated with murals and a crystal balustrade.

Then the newlyweds will proceed through the halls of the Art Gallery, the Precious Hall and the Antique Hall to get to the gem of the Yusupov Palace, the Home Theater, where they will be invited to the Princes' stalls box.

When ordering Route 2, you receive an additional perk—photo shoot sessions in the State courtyard, the Konyushenny Wing and the Garden.

Photo shoots can be complimented with:

  • Tour programs
  • Cocktail or buffet style reception set up in one of the Palace's halls

Dear guests, please read the Visitor Rules before starting your photo shoot session..

1 hour photo shoot session fee:

One photographer - 6500 rubles
Two photographers – 7300 rubles
One photographer and one videographer – 8300 rubles

Please be advised that the maximum number of participants of a photo shoot, including the photographer and the newlyweds, is 8 people.


On-site marriage registration in the Yusupov Palace is an ideal chance to sweep your guests off their feet and immerse in the history of one of the most renowned families of Petersburg. Reserve one of the Palace halls for your on-site marriage registration ceremony to celebrate your wedding in the historic atmosphere of the Palace. A wedding reception can be arranged not only in the setting of the Palace, but also in the newly renovated loft of the Konyushenny Wing and in the cozy Garden.

Combine your on-site registration with tours around the splendid halls of the Yusupov Palace and music programs to create a solemn atmosphere. Just imagine your guests ascending the State staircase to the strains of live music. After the marriage registration, the guests will be invited to go on a tour of one of the most exquisite mansions of St. Petersburg and immerse in the lifestyle of the most affluent Russian dynasty.

In addition to the standard program, we provide such services as decoration of halls for the festivities, exclusive shows in the Home Theater and gourmet dinners in Palace's halls.


To make the most important day of your life unforgettable, spend it in the Yusupov family seat. What sets weddings in the Yusupov Palace apart is an opportunity to breathe in the rustic air residing in the genuine interiors that still remember formal receptions once gathering most prominent people of the "Northern capital." By opting for a wedding reception in the Yusupov Palace, you choose an exclusive festivities program meeting your needs and desires and an opportunity to supplement the program with special events.

Spend the first day of your married life in the Yusupov Palace for you and your guests to enjoy this happy event to the fullest and to build memories that will last a lifetime.

The Yusupov Palace has developed several festivity programs that can be implemented either in the classical setting of the Palace or in the light and airy contemporary loft of the Konyushenny Wing featuring elements of 19th century historic interiors.

You can enhance the event program with:

  • background music
  • cocktails or buffet style food service
  • gala dinner
  • special programs in the exclusive Home Theater

If you decide to celebrate your wedding in the Konyushenny Wing, you will be offered extra services and options to choose from:

  • wedding photo shoot session in the Garden
  • banquet for a big company of guests
  • ability to spruce up the minimalist interior with the decorations of your choice

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