We invite you to take an audio tour of the Yusupov Palace State Halls. The audio can be downloaded in advance from the official APP STORE or PLAY MARKET websites.

  • The tour of the Yusupov Palace State halls is available for download
  • Offered in 8 languages
  • Offers audio tours and visualized content

Advanced navigation features of this app automatically identify the room and exhibit the user is currently viewing and feed relevant content. The story is supplemented with text and graphics displayed on the Smarphone's screen allowing the user easily navigate through the Palace, while getting maximum information.

Basic features of the interactive audio guide are available to the app users in the background mode. Once you start the audio, it will continue running as you progress through the halls of the Palace even if the device is in your pocket or purse.

The Yusupov Palace was the first among the museums and expo centers of St. Petersburg and Russia to introduce this solution. By employing this advanced technology, we joined the ranks of such high-tech museums as the American Museum of Natural History (New York, United States) and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium).

  1. Purchase a ticket for the Audio Tour of the Palace at the Palace ticket offices.
  2. Refer to the Audio Guide Desk (in the Palace) to receive a free digital code to download the tour.
  3. Download the free mobile app "The Yusupov Palace" offered by the App Store and Google play. There is a free WiFi area near the ticket office for your convenience.
  4. Open the app and choose "The Tour of the Yusupov Palace State Halls."
  5. Enter the code. Wait for the tour to download.
  6. Once the tour is downloaded, turn on Bluetooth option on your Smartphone. You are ready to begin the exploration of the Yusupov Palace!

If you do not have headphones, just hold the phone to your ear and listen to the story.

You can also read the script on your screen.