Virtual Tour of the Palace on your Smartphone

To begin a
360-degree exploration of the Palace in the Virtual Reality Glasses, you will need:

                 1.   iOS or Android phone. For best view use 4.5"-5.1" Smartphone.

                 2.    Download the application:

If you have an Android Smartphone:
follow the link: ( and tap the relevant icon.
If you have an iOS Smartphone:
download the application:
Run the Kolor Eyes app. Use login: Yusupov, password: yusupov360 to log into the app.
Go to "Your videos" section.
If you have a fast Internet connection, you can watch the video from here. To get a better quality video, tap the "Download best video"
icon and wait till video is downloaded. Go to the "Local videos" section to watch the video.

                3.     Launch the video.
Touch the screen one time and tap the glasses icon to divide the screen in two parts.
Insert the Smartphone into the VR glasses and begin your virtual adventure!

To begin a 360-degree exploration of the Palace interiors
without VR Glasses, you will need:

An iOS- or Android-powered device (Smartphone of Tablet) to watch the 360-degree video.

               1.   To watch the video, follow the link (

               2.   Move your phone around and enjoy the views.