13.06.2018 19:00
Home theatre

Operetta in three acts by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II was written in 1885 and was a great stage success. The famous novel Saffi by the Hungarian writer Mor Jokai inspired Johann Strauss to write the operetta. The flavor of harmonious Hungarian folk music that is evident in much of the work's score is bound to lift spectators' spirits. For more than a century operetta, distinguished by its enduring charm and ability to remind about timeless values in a light manner, has been winning new fans. The Gypsy Baron is a romantic love story of Baron Barinkaya Roma and a Gypsy girl Saffi.

In Russia, the operetta was librettized and directed by the Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Murashko.

The Gypsy Baron shown on the stage of the Yusupovs Palace Home Theater is an adaptation of the St. Petersburg Chamber Theater of Classical Operetta.