Yusupov palace

The Living quarters of the Princes Yusupov & Home Church (Moorish lounge, Zinaida Nikolaevna Yusupova's private suite of rooms)

Upon entering the Princes Living quarters, you will see unique interiors that have preserved the original atmosphere of the Yusupov Palace. Cozy Princess' Drawing room, forming part of her private suite of rooms, is filled with the spirit of tranquility. You will visit Princess Zinaida Nikolayevna's private rooms featuring almost untouched by time interiors and adornments. You will see the rosewood sofa on which she was posing for the famous Valentin Serov's painting Portrait of Princess Zinaida Yusupova. You will stop off to adore the amazing Porcelain and Persian dressing rooms. When walking through the men's quarters of the Palace, you will see magnificent mid-19th century interiors: the Moorish lounge, Prince's Office and Henry II Sitting room.

Dear visitors! Because of the restoration work, the excursion will resume on New Year's holidays.

Language of the excursion - Russian