This tour, developed for elementary school children, will help young visitors take their first steps in the world of art.

Children will be demonstrated sculptures and painted images of ancient heroes present in the Yusupov Palace. They will also be introduced to ancient mythology and told fascinating myths.

The tour is intended to give an answer to the question of why one should take interest in ancient art and mythology. Precisely because world history and culture were greatly influenced by the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome.

To decipher the meaning of many art works, one needs to know classical mythology and lives of ancient gods and heroes. The tour will give young guests basic knowledge necessary to understand messages conveyed by some paintings displayed in museums like the Hermitage and to interpret the meaning of murals, statues and some figures of speech.

Since the tour is interactive, it turns into an exciting game. Young guests will not only listen to the stories told by the guide but also participates in actions. They will be given different tasks, where they will need to guess heroes and share facts about them. They will also participate in quizzes.

The tour's engaging content and an opportunity to play an active role in it will spark schoolchildren's interest in the rich culture of the past and present, ignite their desire to learn about art and their home city and contribute to the development of artistic taste, creativity and proactiveness.

The tour Ancient Gods and Heroes in the Yusupov Palace will help students master their knowledge of ancient history and expand the scope of their interests.

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